South Africa were good in patches, their scorecards across all 4 innings is a clear reflection of that. They need to step it up, though, in the shortest format as Pakistan fly higher after sealing their first Test series win against the Proteas since October 2003. Its pose time for the Pakistan players as the WINNERS hoarding pops up. The group grin widely and shout in unison to celebrate the moment. Right then! Thats all weve got for the series. The T20Is are starting on Thursday with all three scheduled in Lahore. Do remember to join us for all the games. Until next time, this is Raju Peethala waving goodbye on behalf Abhinand Raghavendran and Harish. A special mention to our sub fielders: Vineet, Sriram, Praveen, Vinod, Naga and Mukesh. Cheers!!

Babar Azam, Pakistan skipper: I enjoyed the captaincy and got to learn a lot. When the team supports you and plays according to plan there isnt much pressure on the captain. Hasan Ali made an outstanding comeback, he is playing after 2 years and his bowling was really outstanding. Today morning Hasan Ali gave us those early wickets and got us back into the game. We keep trying senior-junior combinations in the slip cordon and we are working on our fielding aspect and really happy with our catching in the series. This gives us a lot of confidence and gives the group a lot of confidence. Markram and Bavuma played really well but we knew we could always manage that one breakthrough and make things happen with the new ball.

Quinton de Kock, South Africa captain: With the deficit that we gave, they didnt gives us a good way going forward. It did play a big part. We lost big moments in the game and that cost us. Its quite special to see George (Linde) come through, specially after dislocating his finger, shows the heart that he has. To come back and do what he did, its great to see that. Its (the defeat) painful at the moment, disappointment. When we get back home, we have to look back at our performances, the way we went about things and improve on it going forward. Aiden had a question mark in the sub-continent from the past, to come in and perform the way he did in the two Test matches shows the fight that he has, the pride he has in his performances.

Mohammad Rizwan, Player of the Series: Thanks to the Almighty. I play according to the team plan. Was difficult in conditions like England and New Zealand, but the challenges are different and you have to make a few slight technical adjustments. I have a lot of self belief and I challenge myself in pressure situations.

Hasan Ali, Player of the Match: It was a very important series for me because I was making a comeback and I am happy I made a dream comeback and my contributions were helpful for the team in winning the series. Line and lengths are very important on slow pitches and I had fitness issues in the past but I have worked on it and I played 9 back-to-back First-Class games which gave me the required confidence to make a comeback.

14:18 local: Hasan Ali and Shaheen Afridi engage in a mini sword-fight as they collect a stump each to celebrate the occasion. A group of Pakistani players form a circle and imitate Hasan Alis cradle celebration, probably letting him know that they enjoyed his bowling as much as his celebration. After a wicketless final session yesterday, there were whispers of Gabba repeat, and comparisons went as far as Kyle Mayers v Aiden Markram and Pakistan pace v Bangladesh spin...Alas! Wasnt to be. Pakistan and Hasan Ali, in particular, were too good with the new ball and just took a little over 10 overs to wrap up the game. From 241/3, South Africa lost their last 7 wickets for 33 runs. Plenty of outstanding performances in the game: Rizwans second innings 100, Markrams first overseas hundred, Hasan Alis twin fifers and Lindes fifer. Hang around for the presentations...

Yasir Shah to Mulder, out Bowled!! Cleans him up. Shades of Shannon Gabriel v Yasir Shah 2017 Dominica, minus the wild swing. Just that Mulder tried to play it more conventionally. Gets nowhere close and Pakistan cleansweep the series 2-0. A dream captaincy debut for Babar Azam and hes a relieved man as the players head back to the pavilion. Mulder b Yasir Shah 20(40) [4s-3]

Yasir Shah to Mulder, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

Yasir Shah to Mulder, no run, floated up on off-stump, Mulder strides forward and drives off the inside half to the right of the bowler

Yaseen Imran: Its all about Hassan Ali & Shaheen Afridi today, reminding the great memories of great Ws (Wasim & Waqar). Well done boys...!!

Yasir Shah to Mulder, FOUR, half-tracker outside off, Mulder jumps on the back foot and nails the cut behind point

Yasir Shah to Mulder, no run, legbreak just outside off, Mulder gets forward and defends

Yasir Shah [23.0-5-52-0] is back into the attack

Slip, short leg in place,,,

Shaheen Afridi to Nortje, no run, spears in the yorker at the toes, Nortje manages to squeeze it down to fine leg and the duo decide against the single

Shaheen Afridi switches to round the wicket for the last ball

Shaheen Afridi to Nortje, 2 runs, 137ks full outside off, Nortje opens the bat face and drives it past the diving backward point fielder to his left

Shaheen Afridi to Nortje, no run, good length swinging away outside off, nearly draws Nortje into a poke and takes it past the outside edge

Anrich Nortje, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Three slips and a gully for Nortje. And he stops Shaheen Afridi at the last minute citing issues behind the bowlers arm. Shaheen is fired up and has a word with Nortje before trudging back to his bowling mark...

Shaheen Afridi to Rabada, out Bowled!! Hes done talking the talk and now hes walking the walk is Shaheen Afridi. The stumps are in a mess. A second ball-duck for Rabada and the Proteas are nine down. The inswinger that snakes in from outside off and beats Rabadas shuffling inside edge to clatter middle and off. Rabada b Shaheen Afridi 0(2)

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