يا ايها الانسان ما غرك بربك الكريم. يا أيها الإنسان ما غرَّك بربك الكريم

How do they function individually and how do they combine to give the brain their various types of sensation? Then the second quality that has been mentioned of these angels is: They know whatever you do That is, whether you deny the meting out of rewards and punishments, belie it, or mock it, the reality cannot change
We do not know, and are not required to know, how this takes place good deeds, until doing them becomes his intrinsic quality

ما غرّك بربك؟

Yet there are guardians watching over you, noble recorders, who know all that you do.

Stream يا أيها الإنسان ما غرك بربك الكريم ❤تلاوة رائعة وشرح الاية العظيمة ❤
The same hand will automatically correct the position of your book whenever a correction of position is necessary
God knows that we are neither given the ability to understand it nor are we going to benefit by understanding it because it does not affect the purpose of our existence
Stream يا أيها الإنسان ما غرك بربك الكريم ❤تلاوة رائعة وشرح الاية العظيمة ❤
Thereafter a third characteristic is mentioned as follows: [82:7] who created you, then perfected you, then brought you in due proportion? On that day no one shall avail anyone anything
Therefore the record prepared by them is a complete record in which nothing has been left un-recorded We eat steak, cabbage, corn and fried fish, wash it down with any quantity of water, and top it off with alcohol, bread, and beans
It is this wrong and baseless concept which has made you heedless of God, fearless of His justice and irresponsible in your moral attitude [19] [82:17] And what may let you know what the Day of Requital is? The verse may also be taken to refer to a nuclear explosion of the atoms of the two gases

ايها الإنسان ما غرك بربك

But these people continue to believe in the Last Judgement.

ايها الإنسان ما غرك بربك
So you gathered wealth and withheld it until your soul reached your collarbone i
استخرجي اسم الله تعالى الوارد في الآية التالية ( يا أيها الانسان ما غرك بربك الكريم )
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يا أيها الانسان ماغرك بربك الكريم
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