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The towns of Enna and Trapani host especially elaborate processions So fly into Rome and out of Venice, or vice versa
The medieval and renaissance walls that surround and define the boundaries that are possible to walk around in an hour You can do a "contratto transitorio" a short term contract for up to 18 months

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The most imposing building is the Basilica of St.

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The festivities also include medieval competitions and dress
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As it is a holiday day of obligation throughout Italy, schools and public offices are closed, but most restaurants and shops are open as the day is generally viewed as the official start to the Christmas shopping season
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Expect very warm temperatures throughout the country, with the most extreme heat in the south and just about anywhere inland
The chance of rain and snowfall decrease, while average temperatures have climbed another degree to 9°C, with lows dipping to around 6°C When is the best time to visit Italy? It is a disaster, and always on the brink of financial collapse, who knows what will happen with the EU in the next few years
Countess big-name stars can be seen gracing the red carpets and the gondolas The average high falls six degrees to 21°C, and the chance of rainfall increases significantly, with 96mm coming down over 12 days

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Sicily should be a trip on its own.

The Vatican seat of the Holy See, is the spiritual and administrative center of the Catholic Church
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Visitors can taste, buy and study wine at this celebration of not only vino, but food, art and music
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Be sure to check the dates before planning your trip if you hope to attend, or want to avoid a spike in visitors
I imagine we would travel by train throughout and book this for late September-early October If you are not a citizen however, you don't qualify for any financial assistance
Omniglot is how I make my living As a side note, would love to see Como and train through the alps — but not required Best to start south and travel north, ultimately flying out of Switzerland or better the opposite way? The celebration also includes fireworks

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Both myy wife and I are approaching retirement age a few years away.

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Regarding red tape in Italy, there is a lot of stereotyping and urban legends floating around
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Except in beach and island locations, many restaurants, shops and family-run hotels shut down
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Many places host parades, feasts, music and more