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There are no boards of trustees, no mainstream institutions, no big donors, no elections Mostly, though, they serve as gathering places for students who, for one reason or another, feel alienated from groups like Hillel — or are just looking for less supervised and more organic Jewish community on campus
More than 90 students from 29 schools will gather at Brown University later this month for a conference organized by JOOOT , a network of independent Jewish communities on college campuses that was founded earlier this year Koach lives and gardens with their wife, LaJuana on Lenni-Lenape Land in Philadelphia where he is a student at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College ▷ Webrate website statistics and online tools

What can be gained from finding alternatives to policing? For years, college campuses have been the battleground for hot-button issues in the Jewish community like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Both JOOOT and zine-creating have in common the intention to explore and engage with alternative ways of knowing, making, and being, for the sake of a more diverse culture of thought
Together, we talked about what the tragedy meant for us as individuals, as a community and as Jews in the world
Our goal is to contribute to the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of the North American Jewish community, which we hope will be rich with student-run, democratically administered, inclusive Jewish communities on campuses
Such a Seder could not be held at Hillel because it was co-sponsored by a chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which supports BDS, the boycott-Israel campaign Here are some powerful mantras which are said to attract love with a small guide as to how they should be chanted and when
We are creating a space for people who do not necessarily fit into these prominent narratives at Hillel about what being Jewish means As a long-time collector of zines of many stripes, our Editor is excited to spotlight a series of their favorite independently published zines throughout the holiday

Workers in a Jewish museum in the city had stored Torahs and other valuables from synagogues that had been shut down following the German occupation.

Rabbinical student, May Ye, led a workshop on improving racial equality in Judaism
Cohen's research is in the intersection of Rabbinics, especially Talmud, and ethical concerns
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We are both passionate about progressive Jewish spaces and creating alternative resources that can help to enhance those communities ▷ Webrate website statistics and online tools
شباب البومب 9 شاهد جميع الحلقات على joootv وثمَّن المطرب فيبلغ العيسى، بطل ومنتج الجهد، الشراكة المتواصلة بين مجموعة عمل المسلسل والجمعية بهدف استقطاب موهوبين حديثة من الجمعية، أو من خارجها، كذلك شكر المخرج عامر الحمود، مدير الجمعية، على دوره في دعم الموهوبين التمثيلية المملكة السعودية
They are a proud Judaism on Our Own Terms JOOOT alum and former board member Many of our most successful programs have been conceived and led by our student leaders and we encourage all students to design and participate in Hillel experiences that reflect their communities
As co-founder August Kahn told me, Nishmat allows students to show up as their full selves By compiling rituals, educational materials, meditations, recipes, stories, and songs, we hoped to craft a sense of sacred community while our holidays look vastly different this season


JOOOT, or Judaism on Our Own Terms, is a national movement of independent campus Jewish organizations committed to promoting student self-governance and radical inclusivity — both on our individual campuses and in the wider Jewish community.

Disillusioned with Hillel, students form progressive Jewish group to promote inclusivity
These students are then expected to somehow make up for the general lack of rabbinical guidance and donor support on their own
Eight Nights of Jewish Zines: The JOOOT Hanukkah 5781 Zine
Our Mission — Judaism On Our Own Terms
On Saturday and Sunday, attendees were invited to participate in a number of workshops on organizing spiritual community groups, and the interaction of Judaism with social justice