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There is a list of safe YouTube to MP3 converters No matter you pursue a simple fast YouTube converter, or a full-featured one with additional features, Free HD Video Converter Factory will bring you to exactly needed results
From the main interface, select the Downloader tab For one thing, when using online tools, your data is always stored in the cloud and more easily accessible, which increase the risk to some degrees; for another, a desk video converter can ensure much more solid download experience, and usually goes with more functionalities

8 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters for Mac Online in 2021

Y2mate enjoys great popularity in the YouTube video conversion field.

YouTube to Mp3 Converter
If high lossless quality, speedy conversion, and advanced features are your requirements, install
Top 9 Safe YouTube to MP3 Converters [Clean Interface and Simple Process]
 Once the process is complete, a link for saving the MP3 audio file will be available on the program interface
YouTube to MP3
The above listed are eight different ways to extract MP3 audio files from your YouTube videos
Step 4 Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac Just simply paste the link of the video or audio in the given URL box and then select the format in which you want to convert
Alternatively, you can also search for the video directly from the program To check the converted file on your Mac system, right-click and select Show in Finder

Top 9 Safe YouTube to MP3 Converters [Clean Interface and Simple Process]

Supported MP3 bitrates: 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, 320 kbps.

YouTube to Mp3 Converter
Most of the converter in the market are not safe from different viruses, and whenever a user uses that tool, they drop virus in the user device
MP3 Youtube Converter
Using the tool, you can also save the entire playlist at a go
YouTube to MP3 Free Converter
Additional features include fast conversion speed, support for all types of links, and others
Hence in this way, you can easily download youtube videos to your device This yt to mp3 converter is one of the best tools which wants to provide safety to its users at first
With all youtube mp3 sites, audio files can be extracted from videos and downloaded with just a few clicks Hence we provide our guarantee that all your information is safe when you are using this tool

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Accordingly, MP3-YouTube is a practical option for people who occasionally convert short YouTube video clips.

8 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters for Mac Online in 2021
FLVto is a well-known YouTube converter with a massive user base
YouTube to Mp3 Converter
The program will start extracting MP3 audio from the mentioned YouTube video
YouTube to MP3
This free-to-use YouTube MP3 Converter online is apt for converting your YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 format