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Al Muhaidb Jarir

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Among the figures of his age, he had access to sources of information equal to anyone, except, perhaps, those who were directly connected with decision making within the government
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Al-Tabari is said to have declared bluntly that it was absurd
Tafsir Al
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Always bear in mind that with Maplandia Tabari quotes ibn Humayd frequently, but little is known about Tabari's other teachers in Rayy

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Among Tabari's students was , who was also a student of Tabari's own teacher ; Ibn al-Mughallis lavished Tabari with almost excessive praise
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He retained close ties to his home town
The ever-ethical Tabari declined the offer, saying he had undertaken to do his work at the specified amount, and could not honorably take more XXVIII: Abbasid Authority Affirmed, the Early Years of al-Mansur A
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They said: "This would take a long time and cannot be completed in one lifetime
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He was tall and slender and his hair and beard remained black until he was very old
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Al-Tabari followed the madhhab for nearly a decade before he developed his own interpretation of