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It's widely known that Tatsuki Fujimoto started drawing early in life much like Fujino, and his art greatly contrasts from everyone else's in the industry But there is one character, halfway through the first part, who sees Denji for who he is
Now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid He stated that Chainsaw Man is a "bombastic, borderline nihilistic maelstrom of gore and dick jokes, but with the larger context it becomes clear that's in part a reaction to the absurd and illogical world it takes place in"

Chainsaw Man Creator Releases New One

It's a story that takes you for twists and turns in its plot and characterization, but most effectively in its subversion of shounen tropes which gives the story a far greater effect.

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Chainsaw Man
For a shounen with a ton of action, however, I can't exactly say it performs the best in action
Chainsaw Man
Thanks to the help of a Devil dog he saved named Pochita, though, Denji is able to scrape by as a Devil Hunter working for the Yakuza
Power is very unique in my eyes, because, yes, she's really cute and funny, but she's also an absolute moron
Will you survive this date? This aspect of the story is the good thing about Chainsaw Man, you know things are crazy, and indeed will get crazier, but the constant gaining of knowledge to new information still makes you think about what else could get more insane than what just happened As for June 2021, the manga had 11 million copies in circulation

Kobeni Higashiyama

It's close combat version of DOOM.

Chainsaw man
It's a story about legacy, and it's a story about hope
Chainsaw Man Creator Releases New One
In North America, Viz Media licensed the manga for English language release
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Kobeni and the Violence Fiend are persuaded by 'Kurose' to release him from the hospital and the three of them meet up with the group protecting Denji