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Meet Kevins Mission Statement

Teach the specific mechanics and psychology of finance, money, investing, and building wealth.


 What You Will Learn?

  • Learn the psychology of money. Money Hacks that will make you more money.

  • Learn how to get rid of living from Paycheck to Paycheck.

  • Learn how to Negotiate a Raise.

  • Learn the laws of Banking and the practical psychology of Investing.

  • Learn the practical economics to make you money.

  • Learn the Laws of Credit and how to obtain a better credit score.

  • Learn how to become more productive and how to have more energy.

  • Learn how to become more creative and happy.

  • Learn the Stock Market & Stock Investing.

  • Learn how to Start a Business and Lawsuits.


Is This Course For You?

Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of money & finance to take you to the next level of wealth skills no matter what your experience is:

  • You are heavily in debt.

  • You are moderately in debt.

  • You have no savings.

  • You have less income than you’d like.

  • You have no investments.

  • You have money to invest, but have no idea where to start.

  • You Speak English.

⛔️Heads Up: This is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Tool


Targeted Students

This course will be wide ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics.

New investors will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (well have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).

Advanced investors may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.).



What if I’m not in the US?

About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. Kevin aims to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally.

Certainly we might use some examples specific to the United States and if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally.

This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy. Student who learn this information will be able to adapt it to their local region within 20 to 30 minutes of talking to a local lender or agent (in their circles).

 Course Curriculum:


1. Announcements ↕

  • 1.0 Heads Up & Discord.
  • 1.1: IF you see a Mistake, EMAIL ME and Ill Give you $5 Each Mistake.
  • 1.2: May 2020 Update on New Lectures & Release Schedule.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: 5-15% Off with LowesForPros Pricing!! Group Benefit!!!
  • The Danger, the Dream, the Disclaimer.
  • PreviewDANGER: This & Then That.
  • DREAM: The Dream Calculator.
  • DISCLAIMER: Financial Disclaimer.

2. You Won, but Feel Poor ↕

  • The #1 Rule of Money: Case.
  • The #2 Rule of Money: Defined.
  • The #3 Rule of Money: The Walk.
  • The #4 Rule of Money: The Base Rule for Budgeting.
  • The Ownership & Loss-Assessment Rule.
  • The Ovarian Lottery.
  • Investing vs Investing: It Changed my Life.
  • The Floating Quest.
  • The Firehose vs Incremental.
  • The 30-Year Rule for Stocks & Choice.
  • The Focus List.
  • The Value Hack & Super Important Money TRICK!
  • Go Into Hiding.
  • The ONLY TWO Guarantees in Finance.

3. The Dumb Choices of No Money ↕

  • The Dumb Location Rule.
  • Whats Backwards about FIRE.
  • The Two Footer - WORST Mentality — This Keeps Most Poor.
  • The Law of Guns and Butter.
  • The Car Industry.
  • The Sneakiest Money Problem.
  • Clothing & What Stopped my Dad’s Financial Freedom
  • Watches & Jewelry Trap.
  • The Home Trap and My Biggest Loss.
  • Gifting Hack & Credit Scores.
  • Dating & Financial Nakedness.
  • The Replacement Rule & Value of Spouse.
  • The Basic Base Rule.

4. The Mentality of No Money vs Money ↕

  • Is Mentality the Same as Mindset.
  • FAST Pass Flaw.
  • The Coupon Fallacy: DO THIS INSTEAD.
  • Happy Being Cheated.
  • How to ACTUALLY Negotiate and Win.
  • Rule of When There’s One There’s Two.
  • ‘Poor’ Wording.
  • I’m Sorry. Principles and Liability.
  • Beach, Mall, Movie Problem.
  • Per-Hour Entertainment Rule.
  • Mr. Give & Giving & Charity.
  • The Myth of the 850 Credit Score.

5. Productivity Habits & Obligation Paralysis ↕

  • Music-Book Rule for Productivity.
  • The 5-Minute Workout & 2-Minute Rule.
  • The Phone Problem & The Flow State of Money.
  • Check Obsession and Productivity Trick.
  • Solving Reminder & Notification Paralysis.
  • Solving The Toxic App Problem.
  • An Introduction to Attorney-Smart Chaos Theory (VERY Important)
  • 3 Steps BEFORE Doing ANY Financial Organizing.

6. Water-Cooler Investing ↕

  • The Most-Toxic Substance.
  • Valuation Validation vs the Quantitative Resolution (VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Do as the Blue Jeans Millionaire.
  • The Blind Flaw of Realizing Gains.
  • Buy Low, Sell High Debunked: QQ Rule.
  • Why You’re Mentally Killing your Ability to Invest.
  • Why Your Cohorts are Killing your Ability to Invest.
  • The Heavenly Hottie’s Punch Card.

7. Death of Paycheck to Paycheck ↕

  • Killing Paycheck to Paycheck with Chaos Theory Control State: Step #0.
  • Chaos Theory Control State: Executing Step #1.
  • Alternate to Step #1.
  • Chaos Theory Control State: Executing Step #2.
  • Chaos Theory Control State: Executing Step #3.
  • Chaos Theory Control State: Executing Step #4.
  • Chaos Theory Control State Revisted.

8. Preventing Paycheck to Paycheck ↕

  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Step #1.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Step #2.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Step #3.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Step #4.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Streamlined.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Alternate #1.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: The Company Man and Woman.
  • Preventing P2P Chaos Theory: Alternate #2: Double Edged Sword & BIG Happiness Rules (Commutes)

9. Practical Psychology of Investing ↕

  • The Ironic Misery of Checks: A Secret Lecture on Time and Living like the Wealthy & Productivity.
  • The Two-Faced Nature of Cash
  • Checking Accounts & BEST & EASY & FREE Account Recommendation.
  • Tricks for Checks & Checkbooks.
  • Checking Accounts Get these Two Things AT the Bank
  • Wealthy People Keep THIS Set in their Car - Always (Live Cheat Sheet)
  • Note on Unbanked.
  • Kevins Favorite Stock Trading Account
  • Watch KEVIN BUY STOCKS & FUNDS & Trade with Favorite Account.
  • Watch Kevin Buy Mutual Funds
  • Note on Analytical Trading vs The Customer Investor & My Philosophy.
  • Kevin on Indexes, Funds, & Automated Transfers
  • The Impact of Fees on Returns (Bigger than Presumed)
  • Comparing Vanguard & Fidelity Fees as well as Robo
  • Kevin on Diversification and Why I HATE the 60-40 & Rebalance Rule.
  • When Diversification is LEAST Important and the Capacity for Wealth.
  • Safety Deposit Boxes & FDIC & SIPC Insurance.
  • NEVER Bother Opening THIS Account & the WRONG Way to “Grow” your Wealth.
  • NEVER use THIS Free Service — Follow this Credit Rule Instead.
  • Overdraft (Old School vs New School).
  • The Irony of Interest & Debt: Wealthy vs Poor.
  • Mobile Deposit Rule EVERYONE Should Use.
  • Bill Pay Tool to NEVER be Late (With Download)
  • Preventing Overdrafts & When to Check your Accounts.
  • Paper Bill Drawer Flow (Late Less Imp)
  • Electronic Bill Flow & Trifecta System Overview.
  • Accounting Success: Journaled Hero.
  • The Reality of Disputing Charges.
  • Pay-Day Loans & Check Cashing AND Personal Loans.

10. Practical Economics to Make you Money ↕

  • Credit Cards & the Toxin of Reverse Compounding.
  • The Noise that Kills Investing Despite Compounding.
  • The Curse of Line-Item Pricing.
  • Bulk Fallacy & Per Unit Cost & The Alternative.
  • Sunk Costs; My Personal Struggle on Business & Education.
  • Toxicity of Free.
  • Accounting Formula & Thinking Critically.
  • Gift Card Curse.
  • Spend Shaming (Shopping Alone is Worst).
  • Opportunity Cost & Fallacy.
  • Loss Aversion — The LEAP — Be a Part of the 47% (Very Important)

11. The Quest to 850 Score ↕

  • Real Life Locks — The Two that Matter (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
  • How to Actually Freeze Your Credit.
  • The Bank’s Favorite Customers & the Score that Matters.
  • MOST Important Factor in Credit Score & Hack.
  • Next-Factor for Credit Boosting.
  • Third Factor for Credit.
  • 4th Factor for Credit & Hack.
  • 5th Factor for Credit & Bundle Hack.
  • Make Sure you do THIS with Credit & a Warning.
  • Building Credit WITHOUT Credit Cards.
  • Business Credit & Qualifying Business Debts.
  • My Favorite Credit Cards (Beginner to Advanced 0-850 Credit) & WARNINGs.
  • WARNING: Warranties & Benefits & Car Benefits.
  • Annual Fees.
  • Store Cards, Air Miles, and Cash Back (BEST POSSIBLE REWARD vs SCAM).
  • Credit Labeling & Everything with a Place.
  • Your BEST Credit Line & Understanding The Economics of Secured vs Unsecured.
  • Your NEXT Best Credit Line & the BEST Place to Get them.
  • Your THIRD Best Credit Line.

12. Emergency Funding ↕

  • Automatic Sweeping & Manual Sweeps & Emergency Fund Warning.

13. Money Hacks to Make Money ↕

  • Economies of Scale for Personal Finance: Revenues & Profits.
  • Marginal Analysis - What does it Mean?
  • IMPORTANT FOR WEALTH: The Personal $1 Rule.
  • Practical $1 Rule: The Tumbler.
  • Home Cooking DANGER & Time Fallacy.
  • Business Class - B2B vs B2C.
  • The Match.

14. Creativity & Happiness Hacks ↕

  • Happiness Hack #1: Optimal.
  • Happiness Hack #2: Setting & Extreme Analysis & Aristotle.
  • Ultimate Creativity and Happiness Tool (40 Second Trick)
  • Ultimate Creativity and Happiness Comes From…
  • The Complexity Complex.
  • The Changing Screen Hack for Elatedness.
  • How Happiness ACTUALLY Works (How to Become Happy)

15. Coronavirus Section ↕

  • For More Cash NOW - Tax Trick!
  • How I Force Myself to Wake Up Early and Why.
  • I Always Thought the “R” Word was Stupid.
  • Happiness and Time Structuring: My Daily Schedule - Stuck at Home.
  • Happiness, Work, and Family: How to Establish the Boundary.
  • Happiness Hack: The Jacket Trick.
  • Happiness Hack: The Scrub.
  • Bad: How my Mom Handles Money.
  • Bad: How my Dad Handles Money.
  • The Deadly Sin of Quality.
  • Stock Market Investing: LARGE Green Day!

16. The Truth About Donating ↕

  • The Donation Hack: Time, Chaos, and Wealth.
  • Donating Cash: The Dangerous Flaw.
  • Limitation on Donation Hack.

17. Passive Income ↕

  • Passive Income & Passive Wealth.
  • Passive Income Starts Here: For Yourself.
  • Passive Income: What the Internet. Gets Wrong
  • Passive Income: I Just Went to Apple.com and Canon to Spend and THIS Happened
  • Passive Income: Defaults & Collateral in Leverage.
  • Passive Income: The Duality of Leverage.
  • Passive Income & Unsafe & Toxic Leverage (Debt)
  • Passive Income & Risky but not Toxic Leverage (Debt)
  • VERY IMPORTANT. The All-In Fallacy, True Debt, & Why the Rich Really Get Richer.
  • Passive Income: The Q & P Problem.
  • Passive Income: Personality Test (3 Tests)
  • Passive Income: Stock Wealth
  • Passive Income: Stock Dividends
  • Passive Income: Reiterating a Big Danger and WHY.
  • Passive Income (Adapted from Live): The Treasure-Chest Journey.

18. Quick-Start Segment ↕

  • Quick Start: How to Use M1Finance (Showing Mine) to Buy Stocks & Create an Index Fund of your Own (Diversity)

19. The Stock Market ↕

  • Introduction to the Stock Market (My Critical Take)
  • Stock, Share, Equity & Accounting Formula.
  • What is a Common Share vs Preferred Share?
  • Understanding Index Funds & Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) (Simply Put)
  • Wealth-front or Stock Picking or M1Finance?
  • Understanding the Broken Sell Button.
  • Danger: Pump and Dumps (Identifying)
  • Next-Day Fallacy
  • Theory of Earnings Per Share (EPS) and Dangers.
  • Theory of Price to Earnings Multiples (PE) and Dangers.
  • Building Wealth in Stocks vs Real Estate.
  • How Dividends Affect Price.
  • Corporate T, Stocks Splits, & Myth of Stock Price.
  • My Take on Day Trade vs Swing Trade vs Long-Term Investor
  • Theory of Stock Buy Backs.
  • Options & the Danger of Options Compared to Stocks (Yet I Use Them).
  • Important for All: (Takeaway #1) on Companies.
  • (MORE) Important for All: (Takeaway #2) on Companies.
  • Two Most Dangerous Aspects of Businesses.
  • The Real Reason we Read Company Earnings (Exposed).
  • Sister Company (Stock Hack & Hedge Fund Hack - EASY).

20. Starting a Business ↕

  • Starting a Business (Step 1 on Priority, Insurances, Etc.)
  • Starting a Business (Step 2) on Next Priority, Employees, Etc.
  • Contracts & NEXT.
  • S-Corporations & LLC & Liability.
  • Registered Trademarks and Reality.
  • Independent Contractors vs Employees.
  • Sales vs Employee: Choosing.
  • The Truth about Lawsuits and your Business.
  • Will a Professional License Boost your Revenue?

21. Taxation & Strategies for Retiring ↕

  • How to NEVER Pay Taxes on Real Estate or Stocks (Legal Hack).
  • Term vs Whole Life Insurance.
  • The Harsh Reality & Danger of the ROTH IRA.
  • The 200 Rule for Wealth & Building for Retirement.

22. A Touch of Real Estate ↕

  • Myth and Danger of Mortgage Insurance (PMI or MIP or UF MIP).

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