Savings Tips and Hacks for StockX

  • Create an account on the StockX website to receive a discount of $300 off a watch purchase over $3,000 or $50 off a handbag purchase over $500.
  • StockX usually offers big Black Friday sales and discounts.
  • From time to time, StockX runs sale events, which are announced on the company’s news page.
  • Customers who choose to “Buy Now” can apply for a monthly payment plan through Affirm.
  • Each item on StockX displays a buy and sell trends graph, allowing you to analyze shifts in pricing so you can swoop in and save money at the right time.
  • StockX’s news page will keep you updated on sneaker and streetwear fashion trends.
  • Items in each shopping category can be filtered to show those “below market” price, allowing you to see the most affordable selection.
  • Download the StockX app on iPhone and Android devices for convenient handheld ordering.

How Do You Contact StockX Customer Support?

To reach StockX customer service, fill out the form on the Contact Support page. You may also reach out to representatives at or on StockX social media pages.

How Do You Apply Discount Codes to StockX Purchases?

Discount codes may be used at checkout when you choose the “Buy Now” method. To enter your discount code:

  • Select the item you want to buy on the shopping page.
  • After selecting the size, color, or model (if applicable), make sure the “Buy Now” button toward the top of the screen is highlighted green.
  • Scroll down to find your total, above which is a line that says, “Discount Code.”
  • Type your promo code in this area and then click outside the field to apply the discount.

About StockX

StockX is a unique buy and sell marketplace for brand-name sneakers, streetwear, handbags, watches, and other accessories. They call their system a “stock market for things” where buyers place bids on desired items while sellers list items with “ask” prices. When a buyer’s bid matches a seller’s “ask,” the transaction is automatically completed. Like the stock market, StockX’s statistics allow customers to watch for trends in item pricing so they can save money with well-timed shopping.

Buyers may also choose to simply purchase items outright at the lowest “ask” price. All items sold are authenticated by StockX before they reach customers. StockX has grown into an international style marketplace, with more countries being added regularly.

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