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His father was the first to encourage him to study astronomy after he discovered his fear of his phenomena and sent it to the Rashaida tribe in the wild of southwest of Al-Jahraa to learn the shooting and equestrian was in the time of rest contemplated in the blue sky to see the sun and moon, which led to increase his love of science instead of fear, 3] and then belonged to Abdul Rahman bin Haji School founder of the science of astronomy in Kuwait and studied on his hands and learn from a number of historical references, [4] and also the encouragement of his father and his advice to Sheikh Ahmed Khalifa Nabhani to learn from science responder quarter and reading many astronomical books, 5] where he is received by Ajeery about the science responder quarter is the inception of The first of the powerful in astronomy studied in 1935 by Abdul Rahman Qasim al-Hajji, the eldest brother of Yusuf al-Hajji, the former minister of Awqaf, who in turn received the knowledge of the quarter answered by al-Nabhan House in Hijaz and upon his return to Kuwait he brought with him many books and information he taught to al-Ajiri He opened his mind and preceded his time with science and knowledge
He studied Arabic language, jurisprudence, arithmetic, the principles of English language and the methods of keeping books related to commercial accounting [6] [Info 1] Since 1946, al-Ajiri has faced many difficulties and obstacles to gain more knowledge because of his passion and passion

صالح العجيري

After the end of World War II, although there were no easy and available means of transport, he traveled to a large number of Arab and foreign countries and was the first country to aim.

عبد الله بن صالح العجيري
[7] In the late sixties and early seventies of the twentieth century we set up an astronomical observatory in Kuwait and at his own expense and bought a coupon in the western corner of the south of Andalusia and went to the United States in 1973 to buy the dome of the center, which was three meters long and in 1977 was proposed to name the observatory in his name 3 A special committee for the establishment of the observatory was formed on March 3, 1981, and it is represented by the representatives of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and the Scientific Club
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He then moved to a school for the education of children established by his father from 1922 until 1928
Egypt, was in 1945, he went to King Fouad I University and studied at the School of Arts and Sciences - College of Arts and the Faculty of Science is currently - in Cairo and underwent testing the completion of the study at the Department of Astronomy and succeeded with distinction on February 10, 1946 after he completed his studies went to Mansoura in North of Egypt and completed his studies Yeh which even got a scientific certificate stating his specialization in astronomy from the Egyptian Astronomical Union in the first of October 1952 Astronomy and land Ed Air Scientific Club in its new headquarters in the south of the navel and left Ajeery work in the construction of the observatory in Andalusia and in the April 15, 1986 Prince Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah inaugurated the observatory himself
At the Mubarakiya School in 1937 and continued until he successfully completed the secondary secondary school June 23, 1920 is a Kuwaiti astronomer who has made a lot of astronomy and his fans by presenting this science on a plate of gold for Arabs and Muslims specialized in them and researchers or hobbyists and has a lot of scientific additions in astronomy and its sciences through scientific research and many Books, books, symposiums and lectures presented by specialized scientific centers, clubs and participants in various events at local and international scientific conferences

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Continued in Cairo in the application of science astronomy through research, access, monitoring, exploration and correspondence scientific observatories and scientific institutions astronomical specialized and visited many countries the world including the United Kingdom and the United States, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey, Iraq and Iran also participated in many Arab and International Astronomical Conferences.

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[7] In 1980 the Emir of Kuwait, Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, honored him
تحميل كتاب زخرف القول pdf
صالح العجيري (Author of التقاويم قديما وحديثا)