Sharing your gameplay is easy with NVIDIA Share and Twitch broadcasting.  With NVIDIA Share, you can save and record video and screenshots you can share with your friends.  Share can even record several minutes of gameplay in the background so you wont miss any exciting gaming moments. NVIDIA Share also lets you live stream your gameplay to Twitch.

NOTE: This feature must be enabled before use.  Go to Settings > Device Preferences > System to enable NVIDIA Share
Twitch streaming requires two factor authentication enabled on your Twitch account.



  1. Launch the game you want to broadcast.
  2. On your controller, press and hold the Home  button.  Your game will pause and bring up the share menu:
  3. Select the Broadcast option in the menu to begin streaming to Twitch.  If you havent already logged in with your Twitch account details, you will be prompted here.


  1. On the top row of the Share menu, the Share settings   button allows you to change a number of settings to optimize your sharing experience.
    • Twitch settings - Change settings that are specific to Twitch broadcasting.
    • Change Quality - Adjusts the video quality of recorded content.
    • Instant Replay last - Adjust replay duration to up to 20 minutes of gametime.
    • Status - Toggle the displayed info on the HUD while recording, which includes microphone ON/OFF status, record icon, video resolution, frame rate and bit rate.
    • Auto record last - The maximum length of the recorded game play allowed when auto-recording game play.
    • Mic volume - Move the slider to adjust mic volume.
    • Adjust layout - Customize UI that is displayed on screen when broadcasting.

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