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Not only does it have psychic powers, but it's made of metal as well, so that turns it into a psychic robot cyclops, which is a phrase that radiates its own hilariously absurd brand of awesome
How many sidequests are in the game? It's about time for a new Jigglypuff form, and Oddpuff is All credits to the respective makers

Dragonball Fusion Generator

All of their attributes are a combination of the two fused Pokémon's attributes so you can get creative and experiment yourself.

[Completed] Pokémon Infinite Fusion: Create your own fusions! (175,000+ fusions)
A fused Pokémon behaves exactly the same as a regular Pokémon
Which Pokémon are available in the game? Then extract the patch and replace the Data folder with its contents
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The game is closer to a romhack in spirit than to your typical Essentials game in a way
You can find the full list of modified evolution methods Where can I find a list of which Pokemon can be found where? Red and Blue versions are exactly the same except that in Blue version, all trainers have reversed fusions Can I get multiple save files? Modern Mode was made by Tomate, Blaquaza, Katten, Stan and Retrogamer from the game's Discord channel
Generating sprites in-engine would also likely cause some performance issues It's stunning to see hundreds upon hundreds of be so intricately designed, all with such an immense amount of creativity involved

Dragonball Fusion Generator

There is, admittedly, not a huge focus on plot.

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The color scheme works great as well, as the coloring of both Pokémon complement each other
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Magnekazam may be a bit terrifying, but a psychic-powered cyclops would be totally awesome